Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Life: The Original Ninja Duck

(Sung to the theme of "Spiderman")

Ninja Duck,
Ninja Duck,
He's a little, tiny Ninja Duck.

Here comes the Ninja Duck.

Maybe if I knew how the Ninja Duck had infiltrated my bathroom, the rest of my life would make sense.


But I doubt it.

This blog went a little dark right around the time my old computer died. A lot has happened since then. Sad things and happy things. I'll try to catch you up on all of it, and I'll try to move on.

RIP Mia, my sweetest, the best dog ever

If I gave you the Girl Scout promise that I would try to blog more frequently, I would probably be lying, and then I wouldn't be a very good Girl Scout, would I?

(Insert obligatory child photo here)


Rie said...

Glad you're back!!!
Love you :)

Caroline L. said...

oh, sadness about miss mia. what a sweet dog who will be missed. i read your email eulogy and got pretty misty.

and ninja duck clearly is in VERY good company...