Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Can't See the Stars

So my dad calls me the other day just as I am trying to pick up the boys' room and corral them screaming into the bath. He says if I go outside just right now, there's this comet putting on a beautiful show that you can see with your naked eye.

I tell him thanks and will do because I don't have the heart to say that from my front stoop on a relatively clear night, I can't see any stars. Just streetlights and claustrophobic rowhouses.

I have to admit, I didn't even make the effort to go look. And that makes me feel particularly awful, considering I can remember being as young as 6 and my dad waking me up in the middle of the night because we could see Saturn's rings clearly in the telescope.

I need a break.

I know I get like this sometimes when the days get shorter and colder. It's just compounded this year that there are two small, noisy, wiggly beings to wrestle into cold-weather gear and it takes a half-hour to get out the door on a good day.

So my apologies for not blogging. There has been knitting occurring. Maybe I can pull it together enough to show you from vacation. I'm contemplating taking my computer.

I just need a break.

(HA! Now I don't feel as bad: Check this out.)


Rie said...

Dude! I couldn't see the comet, either :( We had really overcast skies that night.

Can't wait until you get up here to Indiana. It's time for Auntie Patrol to take over corralling those wiggly little ones.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, sweet Gin. It will get better. I know it seems far off, but the boys will get older (and easier to handle.) I just got through looking at videos of you and Sarah as a three year old and new baby. It seems like yesterday in some ways and forever ago in others. It will get better .... I promise.

Love you....