Friday, May 04, 2007

Cute Overload

Little Baby, originally uploaded by vrkdorell.

Okay, by popular demand (of the grandparents), I have officially sent the cuteness quotient at Flickr through the roof. I think this is the page. I like the Flickr function for posting photos to the blog, but I need to fiddle with the photo size settings when it posts. Also, should I get a Pro account to have multiple sets? Anyone? Bueller?

Anywho, I am completely overwhelmed. I need to take deep breath, make some to-do lists and knock through everything. I'm a little freaked out by it all: babies, house, moving, weight loss/exercise plan, etc. Oh, and yeah, I do need to get working on those law school apps for next year.

A knitting blog post I read (can't remember where) said this one time: We don't do anything half-assed around here. It's whole-assed or not at all.

I love that. So we're going at it whole-assed around here.

Hopefully I'm just not making an ass(w)hole of myself while doing it.

FYI, I know I did not post a Weight Loss Wednesday update. I did not weigh myself, but I don't feel like I'm losing anything. I know I did not exercise enough (no, and I was hitting the chocolate.

I did jog a couple days, though, and I could feel the difference in my energy level on those days. So I am going to rededicate myself to the exercise portion of my weight loss plan and try again on the salad additions. Wish me luck.

(The coffeeshop where I am blogging from ((on my free afternoon!! Thank you, Cap'n!!)) gave me a free iced latte and I am about to vibrate through the roof. How is it I can drink Diet Coke day in and day out, and one coffee sends me flying?)

There is so much to blog about, but I'm also supposed to be working on a budget and bill paying. Remind me to show you the baby knit(and quilt) additions next time...


Rie said...

OMG girl! What cute babies...AND you have knittin piks on your flickr...OMGponies!1!!11

Grammy is surely downloading all the boy pics off of your flikr as we speak (well...she's probably standing behind Grampy and waiting (im)patiently until the disc pops out and she can run to CVS to get some hard copies...I'm just teasing, Mom! I love that you're a SYGWPIP (Silly YOUNG Grandma With Pictures In her Purse)!

The house looks Fabu! There's so much space...I can totally see all the spots where Cap'n will build your beautiful book shelves. You're not going to need your storage unit anymore! Woohoo!

The pictures with your Safta made me wish I was there, too. Tell her I said "Hello!"

Love always!

Karida said...

it is a well known fact that children frighten me. but seriously. adorable. ridiculous cuteness factor. it's overwhelming.