Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, there are some updates here on the weight loss front. I think I've made progress over the week.

I don't have a new weight to post. Since we don't own a scale, I'm not actually monitoring the numbers that closely. I don't want to focus solely on the weight.

But I have my official "before" photo. Ugh. You'll only get it small.

I'll focus on the positive: This is me after coming back from my first run post-baby. Instead of focusing on my lack of a waist. Oh well. Moving on.

Isn't amazing (yeah, amazingly horrible) how it takes a photo to really show you how things are, and not how you think they are? I mean, I knew my bedroom was messy, but I didn't know it was that messy! Ha, ha.

Since last week my exercise routine included:

  • A yoga class with Slim
  • A yoga class by myself
  • A 4.5 mile beach walk
  • A 2.8 mile power walk
  • A 1.8 mile run/walk
So I have almost met my exercise goals. I also have been adding salads to my meals, and I tried not to go overboard eating at the wedding this weekend.

I've been going online to try to build up more support for this weight loss journey. I'm taking Lolly's recommendation to use Peer Trainer as another online community for people looking to lose weight. It has an online log to keep track of your food and exercise, which I need to keep me accountable. I also used this calculator to figure out my BMI, as part of my motivation to lose weight.

I wish I had something funny or inspiring to say about this, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about trying to lose this much weight after taking my picture this morning. I know that I eventually lost weight after the first baby, but it took a year and then I got pregnant again.

Baby steps, right? (I can't type that without thinking of that movie. Now that's funny.)


Lolly said...

I am so glad that you joined us on PeerTrainer. It is a very supportive site :)
Good for you for making such an important change! you are off to a great start!

Miss Scarlett said...

Baby steps? Look at all the excercise you are doing lady! That is amazing. Especially with little ones to care for. You are going to go far!

Laura said...

Ginny! I love this before picture! First of all you're brave to bare your middle. I haven't done that in my LIFETIME much less just a few weeks after delivering a baby. You're doing AWESOME with your goal setting and joining Peer Trainer. Hooray for you! :)