Monday, January 23, 2006

A Few FOs

Here are the only pics I can find so far of the scarves being enjoyed by their recipients:

Rachel surprised at how warm her scarf is.

Mike with the manly scarf.

Sarah showing how not to wear a keyhole scarf.

Did I mention I looooooove scarves?

Mom has promised to send me a photo of her modeling the scarf I made her too. Will publish a photo of the scarf on the needles later when I can gratuitously include Malcolm in the photo. (He's napping now.)

I just realized I have a deadline for this current scarf. My Knitting Projects class starts Feb. 6. I am going to make the "Spoil Me Sweater" from the Colinette pattern book Oren bought me for Hannukkah. So I want to get this scarf done and sent out.

Technically, I couldn't find the Colinette yarn that the sweater pattern calls for, but Karida -- my new yarn buddy at Stitch DC -- recommended this replacement from Blue Sky Alpacas in teal. Ohmygod. It is so sweet. It knits up like buttah...they had a sample at the store.

So today I am going to knit my gauge swatch and try to convince Oren that it is going to be the most beautiful, warmest, Spoil Me Sweater of Buttery Goodness in the Whole Wide World (TM).

I have so many other projects that I want to start for all the other four sisters (M, L, K and N), as well as a baby blanket for my cousin who made Malcolm one. And a baby sweater...because Audrey inspired me...

So much to knit, so little time.

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Rie said...


Your Spoil Me Sweater is going to be sooo sweeet! I took a look at that yarn, and I could almost feel the butta. But you didn't pick pink, did you? Cause if you did, you might have to give it to me.

The Christmas pictures crack me up.

Love ya!